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Guiding Videos

With lots of useful and easy to learn guiding videos, using a Thunder Laser cutting machine is just a piece of cake. Even without any laser experience, you can become a laser cutter master in short time.

Fine Quality

Every customers will excited when they see the Thunder laser engraver has such high engraving quality. It’s amazing for them that such an affordable laser engraver can provide very detailed engraving result.

Strict QC System

Every parts used in a Thunder Laser engraving machine must pass our strict quality control process. We believe that this step will help our customers to avoid lots of potential problems in future.


Thunder laser has different models of laser cutters to fit various applications; users can download the catalogs to learn more details.

The Nova24 laser is good for users who have very little space to put the machine.

The Nova51 laser is especially good for customers who need to mass produce their products.

The Titan laser cutter is the best choice for cutting large size materials.


  360° View of Thunder Laser System

Some of the samples made by a Thunder Laser system

How’s a Thunder Laser System Made?

Thunderlaser has prepared lots of useful videos about how to use your

laser cutter and what laser can create.


Thunder laser cutter users can download the latest software for your laser systems here.


It is strongly suggested that all thunder laser cutter users should download the user’s manual and read carefully before using the machine.


Users can download the suggested settings for your laser cutters here. This is just a reference.


Here’s the manual of how to setup high pressure air compressor and how to install a new laser tube.

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